We’re in ESSENCE!

Podcasts have really become a way of life in recent years. Regardless of what one’s interests are, there is a show out there geared towards that particular subject. Included in the wealth of content out there, plenty of Black creatives also have their hat in the ring for your listening pleasure. The number of Black podcasts […]

90 Day Rule?

We’re all familiar with Steve Harvey’s 90 Day Rule, right? It basically says that when you’re in the dating/courting phase you should wait at least 90 days before having sex with a new partner. The premise is that by waiting, you don’t complicate things with sex, you’re able to have a clear understanding of who […]

Imposter Syndrome

Most of us have dreams, goals and desires that require us to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone and create a new experience with a new reality. Unfortunately though, it can be extremely difficult to navigate new spaces, take on new opportunities and accept new seasons when we’re still operating with an old mindset and […]

Surviving Shark Tank

Most entrepreneurs dream of entering the tank to pitch their business ideas for a chance to partner with a millionaire/billionaire business mentor and secure an investment. But, after hearing the survival story of Mikki Bey – I definitely think there are some less than desirable practices happening behind the scenes. Especially when it comes to […]